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Where can you go for a china smash, create your own fashion show, or play table tennis on a Friday evening? The answer is 'simples'! Youth group @ BBC!
The group is for anyone aged 11 up (School years 7+). Most weeks are set up with different 'zones', so you can choose what you get involved in. You can either go upstairs to The Upper Room and play on the Wii or snooker table, or have a game of table tennis downstairs. If the weather is nice, go into the garden and sit and chat, get the swingball out, or use the basketball hoop. 


Alternatively, you may want to join in our group activity (as shown below). If you'd rather just come and sit quietly, you're allowed to do that as well! Sometimes we'll go out swimming or bowling. Other weeks are just different!
The low down:
  • Friday evenings
  • From 5 pm - 7pm (unless the 'diary' below says something else)
  • At Bovingdon Baptist Church (use Apple Cottages entrance)
  • Hot chocolate mountains / chips at some point during the evening. If you need food or drink, just ask!
  • Parents need to sign a consent form each year
  • You don't need to pay for the regular evenings down at church, but can give a donation if you want to

We want this to be your space. All we ask is that you respect one another - to encourage each other, value other people's opinions, and think about how you can help everyone have a great time. The more we invest in the group and each other, the better the group will be.

Diary 2019

(Schools start back 2nd Chesham, 7th Ashlyns / Kings L / Hemel / St Clem)

In the event of snow, we may decide to abandon the programme and have a snow ball fight instead!

4th Supersized Pictionary, and other board games (including chess, cards, Pass the Pig, Dobble, Bananagram)

11th Nerf gun war - go on, guess what we're doing this week! Bring your own Nerf guns... Quiet space upstairs for those not wanting to join in!

18th Teddy sweat shop! Bring down your teddies and any spare material you have, and we will make clothes / superhero costumes for them!!!

19th Saturday - Soul Survivor Celebration: Please text Andy if you'd like to come. Meet BBC @ 6 pm. Bring money for a MacDonalds on the way there. We'll drop you off at home around 10.30 ish.

25th  Stop motion animation - we'll supply plasticine, lego figures, paper and pens - you supply the creativity to make a 10 shot animation.


1st  Snow ball fight or snow man building

8th 'Tell me how' - One person writes instructions on how to perform a certain task. Another player must do EXACTLY what is written. What could go wrong? 

Followed by GROG - can you survive an alien invasion? A torch is dismantled and the parts hidden. Can the team find the parts, reasemble the torch, and use it to evaporate GROG before he gets them? If we get time we can also play 'Everybody's it', 'The blob', and other indoor games.

15th  Angry Birds catapult evening - revisiting our huge catapult, launching small (toy) animals at stacks of boxes. Such fun... Twister for those who want something a bit more gentle.

16th Saturday - Soul Survivor Celebration: Please text Andy if you'd like to come. Meet BBC @ 5 pm. Bring money for a MacDonalds on the way there. We'll drop you off at home around 9.30 ish.
Half term is Monday 18th - Friday 22nd

22nd No meeting - Panto at Chesham Methodist Church

 Beauty and pamper evening (foot spa, nails, hair etc), and egg drop - create a parachute you can use to drop an egg off a high place



1st   Join us for pancakes! Make the batter, cook your own, add yummy fillings, eat. Also, as it's almost Lent, there'll be a last chance to feast on chocolate, with a fountain (and healthy fruit and other stuff to dip); making chocolate bowls...

Cake bake - making Fairtrade cakes for the Fairtrade Fortnight service.

3rd  Sunday 10.30 - Fairtrade Fortnight cake sale at church

Lent begins Wednesday 6th March

8th  'Create-a-game' - create an origional new game using random items given to your team... 

9th Saturday - Soul Survivor Celebration: Please text Andy if you'd like to come. Meet BBC @ 5.30 pm. Bring money for a MacDonalds afterwards. We'll drop you off at home around 10 ish.

15th Karaoke - sing your little hearts out...

22nd  'Would I lie to you?' People tell us stories about themselves - but can the group guess whether they are true or not?

29th 3 food challenge prepare a 3 course meal using only 3 and a trip to the CO-OP

31st  Mothering Sunday


(Term ends 4th St Clem, 5th Ashlyns / Chesham / Hemel / Kings L)

(Term starts
23rd Ashlyns / Chesham / Hemel / St Clem, 24th Kings L)

5th No meeting

6th Saturday - Soul Survivor Celebration: Please text Andy if you'd like to come. Meet BBC @ 5.30 pm. Bring money for a MacDonalds afterwards. We'll drop you off at home around 10 ish.

12th No meeting

19th Good Friday - Walk of Witness 10 am at St Lawrence churchyard
No meeting in the evening

21st Easter Sunday

26th  Board games and stuff


(Bank Holidays 6th & 27th May)

If weather is nice, we can ignore the programme and go to the park and play rounders instead

3rd Blindfold obstacle course - design an obstacle course, blindfold a team member, and lead them safely through.

4th Saturday - Soul Survivor Celebration: Please text Andy if you'd like to come. Meet BBC @ 5.30 pm. Bring money for a MacDonalds afterwards. We'll drop you off at home around 10 ish.

10th Rush trampole park, High Wycombe: Leaving BBC at 5 pm PROMPT! Parents will need to book an hour long session, starting at 6 pm, which costs 10. You will also need to purchase RUSH Non-Slip Socks, which cost 2, but can be used in the future if you visit again. A WAIVER NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED on the Rush High Wycombe website. Please let Andy know you are coming so he can make sure we have enough spaces in cars to take everyone. We will drop everyone back home by 8 pm.

17th Car wash - please bring a change of clothes down if you want to wash cars... Anyone can bring their car down, the youth group will wash it for them. Raising money for Home Mission.

24th China smash - our annual smash

Half term Monday 27th - Friday 31st
31st No Meeting


Welcome to our new youth group members


14th Ice cream creations and chin videos

21st Water fight and bottle rockets (if weather is dry). Need towel and change of clothes.

28th Where's Wally? Pictures of our stripy friend stuck around the village - can you find them?


(Term ends 19th Ashlyns / Chesham / Hemel / St Clem, 23rd Kings L)

5th Swimming at Aqua Vale, Aylesbury. Leaving church 4.45 pm, cost 2.90. Returning by 8 pm, we will drop off at home.

12th Chipperfield Common - meet at Chipperfield Common 5 pm. Any problems getting there, please contact Andy.

19th Our summer 'end of term' BBQ and Silly Olympics -the very competitive event based on the now defunct website. Compete in Silly Olympic sports such as pea pushing (with your nose), pasta javelin etc... See if we can beat last year's records.

26th Join us at Friday @ 5 (church open for families - under 11s must be accompanied by an adult, 5 - 7 pm)


(Bank holiday 26th)

Tuesday @ 10 (meet at Andy's house for cake, 10 am Tuesdays)

Friday @ 5 (church open for families - under 11s must be accompanied by an adult, 5 - 7 pm)

Summer Sundays (in the Upper Room, every Sunday, 10.30 am)

Soul Survivor week C - 23rd to 28th August - the event lasts for 5 days and has two main meetings a day, plus seminars and lots of great venues so you can hang out with your mates. See Andy for more details and prices... 


(Schools start back 2nd Hemel, 3rd or 4th Ashlyns / Kings L / St Clem, 4th or 5th Chesham)

6th  BBQ - a relaxed start to the new term... Mug painting for the new year 7s. Followed by the 'pull apart game' (lads join arms, girls have to pull them apart) and 'Shuffle your buns'.

13th  Ready, steady, cook no recipe, just you and your ingredients! We'll provide everything, you just need to get into teams and cook...

20th  Portraits - Everyone playing gets a pencil and paper, picks a name out of a hat, and draws that persons portrait. Once completed, the group show their pictures, and everyone tries to identify whose portrait it is!

If there is still time, we'll play 'Hunt the sock', the game where 2 teams hide their sock and the other team tries to find it. Finally, we'll play sock wars!

27th  Kite flying (& egg rolling / catching) at Ivinghoe Beacon - check with Andy if it looks like it might rain. Bring your own kites. Meet 5 pm at church (please get there on time). We'll drive in convoy. Back 7.15 ish.


4th  Bowling at Garston Hollywood Bowl (WD25 7JZ) - Please return consent form by 3rd March. Meet 4.50 @ BBC. Bring 7.50 for 2 games, consent form, plus cash for a drink. We'll drop off at house after, 8.30 ish.

11th Human battleships... two teams lying down, throw cushion over barrier and see if you sink your enemies battleship! Winning team can sail away happy :) Followed by a game of sardines (to keep the aquatic theme going).

Also, caption game - get into teams and come up with captions for a host of silly pictures, or 'Adverts' We'll give you a random object. Persuade us to buy it in a 30 second advert...

18th The Berko Chip Shop Challenge - we jump into cars, drive to Hemel Hempstead, locate the best chip, then return wiser (and fuller!) Meet at BBC normal time. With the group growing, we may need help with lifts.

Half term 28th - 1st November

1st  No meeting at the church today - Chesham Methodist Players are performing - see leaflets at church for details, buy tickets at www.ticketsource.co.uk

8th   Fashion show - we'll supply loads of old clothes and several people with sewing machines... teams rip up clothes and make something new and magical! Then your model will do the catwalk... Meow!
15th  Ice skating - Planet Ice, Jarman Park (updated 14th Nov)...
  • Meet at PLANET ICE at 5 pm.
  • Cost is 11.50 per person, (less if you bring your own skates and / or an 'Ice Card').
  • If you can't get a lift, please let me know, as lifts can be organised from church (leaving 4.45 pm prompt).
  • Parents please pick up 6.55 pm outside Planet Ice

22nd   Torch dodgeball * Bring your own torch - A mix of dodgeball and bulldog, with the added dimension that the only light is from torches! Followed by opposite arm dodgeball - playing with your less dominant arm! Then 'Cat and Mouse', where the cat tries to get your tail!

Tearfund's Big Bake is back - raising money to support the work of No Child Taken, an organisation that protects children from the growing slave trade across many countries. Did you know a child is trafficked every 30 seconds? Do something to help! Bake, buy and eat - the high calorie way to change the world (cakes will be sold on the night, Saturday night at the quiz night, and on Sunday morning).

Also 'balloon defence' - big piles of balloons, two teams, points for capturing or bursting opponents balloons!

29th  Disney sing-along...

(Schools end 18th Chesham, 20th  Ashlyns / Hemel / Kings L / St Clem)

6th   No meeting    - DENS Sleep OUT with silent disco

13th  Christmas meal: Our annual youth group Christmas meal! Eat 3 courses - a Turkey roast with all the trimmings... Come in posh frocks, or fancy dress!Please text if you are coming / not coming. Cheers

20th  Our annual youth group London visit...
Last year we walked 2 miles, taking in the 'sights of the lights' at Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square (Lego Shop), Covent Garden, China Town, Regent Street, Carnaby Street... finishing for an hour at the worlds largest toy shop - Hamleys.

Meet 3.00 pm at Chalfont & Latimer tube station. Ticket price 6.30  (under 16) 12.70 (16+) for tube - give to Andy with consent form. Bring a snack for journey, and money for a MacDonald's (probably eating around 7 ish). This is not a shopping trip, so don't need much money (just bring 5 for a souvenir at Hamleys).

We get back to Chalfont & Latimer tube at about 10.30 pm. We may have spaces in our cars, so if lifts are a problem, give us a call...


Monday 24th - Community Christingle - beautiful candlelit service. 4.30 pm for mince pies

Tuesday 25th - Christmas Day service - a short service with everyone together, bring your pressies to show off, starts 10.30 am

  Diary 2020

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