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News from Bovingdon Baptist Church

140 years of loving & serving God

edited_cross_imageKeeping it Simple

I once went to a midweek ministers' conference with a deadline looming for a series of Bible reading notes. I was complaining to my room-mate about the 'writer's block' I was struggling with. The project had been hanging over me for weeks and now I only had five days left before my editor would start chasing me...

'You need KISS!' she said. I stared blankly at her.

'Haven't you heard of the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid? If you apply it to your current problem (writer's block) you'll discover you can get over it in just two steps. First, pick up a pen. Second, start writing - get anything at all down on the page and then you've got something to work with.'

She was absolutely right; KISS is the perfect principle to apply to writer's block.

KISS is also the perfect principle to apply to discipleship. In fact 'simplicity' has been considered a virtue, a spiritual discipline, from the earliest days of Christianity. It is why many monks and nuns take vows of poverty on entering a religious order, and why Charles Wesley calculated exactly what his family needed to live on and gave any surplus away to the poor and disadvantaged. Even in his old age he stuck to the same basic standard of living so that others could be blessed with what the Lord had provided for him. In our day and age, simplicity might mean reducing our working hours to spend more time with our family; switching our phones to silent to snatch some quiet, focused time with God or clearing our cupboards and sending unwanted clothes, toys, books and gifts to the local charity shop. If you'd like some more ideas, try the TEARFund website, especially their youth page, Rhythms.

We are here on earth to give glory to God. How do we do that? Perhaps we need to simplify our lives and make more room for faith, hope and love. In 2015 we're aiming to keep things simple here at Bovingdon Baptist Church. The three steps we intend to take are:

1) FIX OUR EYES ON JESUS - in praise, prayer and worship

2) RUN THE RACE SET OUT BEFORE US - discover God's will in each of our circumstances

3) TAKE UP OUR CROSSES AND FOLLOW JESUS - wherever this may lead us individually and corporately

            Accept surprises

            that upset your plans,

            shatter your dreams,

            give a completely

            different turn to you day

            and - who knows? -

            to your life.

            It is not chance.

            Leave the Father free

            himself to weave

            the pattern of your days.

            Dom Helder Camara, A Thousand Reasons for Living

Rev Mary Moody, Minister                      

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Mary Moody

Rev Mary Moody, Minister

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